The Lord's Tithe goes to the one who teaches you the Word of Lord and the Word of God. It goes to the teachers of In God's Image. The Alms Tithe will allow In God's Image to give systems, products, and materials to those who cannot afford them (the poor in spirit, the widow, and the fatherless). First Fruits will got to those who will partner with Dr. Rhodman and his anointing and gifting to fulfill his assignment for the Kingdom of God. 




Tithes (Higher Levels)

Tithes are planned, strategic plans of giving ten percent to specific purposes, opportunities, and responsibilities for growth and development. Tithing is simply a religious tax of the Kingdom of God to ensure the economy of the Kingdom functions properly and the work of the Lord is fulfilled upon the earth.

God set three tithes as law within His Kingdom. The tithe is a tax of possessions to the Lord’s purpose and work in order to establish His Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth so all have the opportunity to be prosperous and successful. The first tithe is giving a tenth of all of your profit, compensation, and increase to the one who taught you the wisdom of the laws and promises of God, giving all good things back to your teacher. In essence, this is an educational tax for spiritual educational growth and development. The first tithe belongs to the Lord and the establishment of His work and purpose, which creates opportunities for all to come to repentance so no one perishes. This tithe is set for learning and enlightenment, allows you to be aware and learn the laws and ways of the Kingdom of God, and learn how the system functions and works. The second tithe is a mentorship or a festival tithe, a tenth for savings that is to be used year by year in the place the Lord chooses to make His name dwell if you do not have someone to go be mentored immediately. The second tithe is a savings for you to have when opportunity comes so you are equipped to go where the Lord wants to establish His name, Kingdom, and purpose. You save for opportunities and continue saving until you are led where the Lord sends you for apprenticeship and mentorship, and you submit to their covering in order to unlock the gifts of the mentor or master teacher within you to be used in your affairs. The third tithe is an alms tithe for insurance, a tenth for the fatherless, the poor in spirit (the sojourner), and the widow. The third tithe is given to your mentor’s cause of giving to the poor, who are those who are open to learn and open to receive the Kingdom of God but are not aware of the laws of God and His Kingdom. When you give to these people (who can be children, widows, or those who are just surviving in life) through your mentor, the Lord receives that as lending to Him, and He repays you for taking care of them in His name.


Tithing just means investing ten percent of all of your increase. It is simply a religious tax, but this tax shows your honor towards Him when you give to Him. The tithe is considered holy to the Lord and must be used for His purpose and work. Those who choose to use the tithe for their own purposes and work will be charged twenty percent interest on the tithe, which they must pay back. This means that instead of the original ten percent, they will owe thirty percent on their next profit, compensation, and increase.

Tithes (To Uplift and Restore)

Tithes are divine taxes instructed by the government of the Kingdom of God to support education, family, and creative arts (God’s welfare system). The word “tithe” literally means ten percent (10%). Ten percent of all increase should be dedicated to the welfare of the Kingdom. There are three separate tithes: education, family, and arts. We are supposed to dedicate ten percent to each of them. The education tithe is set up as a mental health insurance plan to help people learn the laws, principles, and instructions of life so they can be aware of how to function in life to be successful. The family tithe is the provision and liability insurance plan of the Kingdom that ensures no one goes without and there are no poor, widows, or orphans in the land. The arts tithe ensures you give people opportunities to create and express empowerment, development, and advancement for themselves. Tithes are the accumulation of funds to function and operate the welfare of the Kingdom (health, happiness, fortunes, and prosperity for those in the Kingdom of God). Tithes are a divine procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of the people in need within the Kingdom of God, systematically releasing education, community, mentorship, and financial support to the people in need.