IGI Divine Science & Innovation Laboratory
Research Centers - The Study of Divine Science & Inventions

Science is the intellectual and practical analysis of the behaviors and patterns of the systems and structures the Most High set up. Science allows us to discover how to use these systems and structures to our advantage by observing the heavens, universe, and cosmos which are aligned to the systems of our soul. We can analyze and observe the systems and structures of the solar system and cultural mountains of influence that are aligned with our conscious mind, just as nature is aligned with our emotional state and physical realms through proper observation and experiment to establish aware knowledge. The science mountain of influence is so powerful because once you have the knowledge of these behaviors, patterns, systems, and structures, you have the power to innovate and create enhanced resources, which mankind has done with technology.


Technology is the application of this knowledge used in practical everyday purposes meant to enhance life as we were instructed to do since the beginning of this age, which was to cultivate and bring out the maximum potential of all creation on the earth. We must understand that we were instructed to enhance, not manipulate or reconstruct. Most of technology has been used with wicked mindsets and used for evil, malicious intent and not for the enhancement of society. This is why this cultural mountain of influence is such an important factor in life. It will definitely bring out our true motives and our true mindsets and ways of thinking. This mountain will show you how you handle power, responsibilities, and ethics. Science takes the knowledge of the Kingdom of Lights in the Firmament of Heaven and teaches how to implement the possibilities into the laws and structured principles of the visible, material realm. Science gives you visible evidence and results of what our minds are capable of doing and what we are capable of being. Science is a tangible application of our gifts and was designed to be used to reveal to humanity the gifts they have and to provide opportunities to function in the results of their gifts until they can unlock and reveal their own, not to replace the use of their gifts, which is happening in society today. Science is taking the place of people unlocking, revealing, and releasing their gifts, instead of helping them enhance their gifts or give them the opportunity to get the results of their gifts until they reach a point of expression. Science can be very dangerous in the wrong hands because it literally is the knowledge of how the laws and principles of God work to create what we call miracles. It reveals the knowledge that overrides the laws and principles under heaven on the earth plane and emotional realm.


Science is very influential because it unlocks the possibilities in our imagination and helps us expand our imaginations to think beyond our current state of thinking and visioning. When science is used correctly, it will expose our weaknesses and empower us to move forward into the image and likeness of God that we were created to be. It will also be a beacon of light into what we are capable of doing. Science is used to unlock our mental powers to function in supernatural states of being and thinking. When this is accepted and recognized, it will be used to help all of humanity fulfill their assignment and make a conscious decision about their potential instead of being limited by unseen barriers.