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Religion is the highest form of personal empowerment, development, advancement, maturity, mastery, and fulfillment. True religion is the empowerment, development, advancement, maturity, mastery, and fulfillment of ourselves along this journey of Life. This includes the empowerment, development, advancement, maturity, mastery, and fulfillment of your spiritual self (God-image and Godlike nature and character), your cosmological self (the systematic order of soul and its connection with the Heavens and cosmos/universe), your psychological self (the state of the minds and their relation to the solar system and cultural mountains of influence), your emotional self (the connection of our emotions with nature and God’s glory), and our physiological self (the knowledge and awareness of our bodies anatomy and its relationship to the earth and all of the following: spirit, heavens, solar system, nature).


The religion of the Most High is the system, structures, order, principles, laws, rituals, times, patterns, customs, culture, and behaviors of yourself in harmonious relationship with all creation. Religion was designed by the Most High to give us authoritative instructions, anointed positions, and faithful commitments in order to handle our designed responsibilities that we can live out religiously (habitually or continually) so we can stay in the good, blessing, light, holiness, purity, prosperity, success, and life of His Kingdom. Religion was never for answering life’s questions; that is what education is for. Education was designed to reveal the answers to life questions but religion is what you do continually and habitually as a way of living due to your nature. This nature is revealed when we commit to God's purpose and anointing to reveal ourselves in this physical reality. Religion creates worship and thanksgiving in appreciation, acknowledging who the Most High is in God-nature and who we are in God-likeness.


True and pure religion creates a culture, habits, personalities, talents, and memories of expectations, hope, belief, faith, trust, confidence, and reliance in ourselves and in the Most High as we worship the supernatural phenomena of God’s being as the Master Creator and the Almighty controlling power, authority, dominion, and ability, which was designed to be represented through higher beings that are Gods (Creators) to reveal to everyone in the Kingdom of God the supernatural abilities, power, dominion, and authority we have inside of us as children of the Most High. Religion was created to provide interest and pursuit to reveal, unleash, and discover the God within us to become Master Creators in the image and likeness of the Most High.


Religion has been used to influence that we are inferior beings in need of capturing something that we don’t have or need, instead of the truth of looking within to see that we already have everything we need and everything has been given to us. We have to commit to connecting within and following God’s instructions, responsibilities, commitments, and ways of living in the anointing to unlock those seeds and reveal them to the world in this physical and material domain. When we can understand that religion is about revealing who we are and not acknowledging what we are not, religion will become a wonderful and beautiful experience that we get to have daily with the Most High intimately in His glorious and manifested presence. Unfortunately many of us have been given a piece of religion, which has become an unfulfilled experience, and the piece you need or are looking for in that season of your life became your religion. Man in his fallen state has stripped religion of its fullness and authenticity and separated God’s religion into seven different religious belief systems. Religion was designed to help us all bond in the unity of peace through the revealed word of God (the Holy Spirit) under Christ. In that unity, there would be nothing impossible that we imagined to do in that unity. But when mankind used this unity of evil and rebellion instead of peace and his word, the Most High separated mankind. Mankind has been seeking this experience of unity ever since, which has caused unity through race (the color of your skin), unity through flesh and blood, and unity through cultural
expressions, but not in the bond of peace, the revealed word of God, under Christ.


There became seven different religious belief systems within this separation, all holding a piece of the truth but searching for the whole picture. These belief systems are listed below:


Hermetic (Kemetic Spirituality, New Age, Alchemy) - This belief system derived from the philosophy and pursuit of empirical knowledge pertaining to spiritual mysteries to unlock your godlike spirit power that’s trapped within your limited physical body. They believe you can transform yourself through divine knowledge. The Egyptians thrived in this belief system for they understood that we are God’s chosen people, they held the revealed Word of Truth, and they became God’s desired ones. They were anointed with the skills and abilities to create and design. Their creativity level is the highest, and they influenced the rest of the material world with their creativity and originality. They understood that we are the creators and designers of the material world because we are to create things from unseen realms and bring them here in fruition. We are supposed to be the originators of the rest of the world through many creative ideas and ways.


Judaism (Law of Moses,Teachings of Prophets, Godly Consciousness) - This belief system derived its philosophy from the law of Moses, the teaching of the prophets and made traditional lifestyle experiences that creates a godly consciousness to righteousness. The offspring of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who back the nation of Israel, thrived in this belief system for they understood we are supposed to be holy nations dedicated to God's purpose and set apart for Him. They became God’s Holy Nation of comfort and tranquility, God’s Light to the world, and the living sacrifice for the world. That’s why they were anointed with the skills and abilities of diligence and holiness, and they became the enforcers of righteousness and consciousness in the material world, enforcing the virtues and morals of the covenants of God to the rest of the world.

Islam (One God above all, Love of God, Love of God creations) - This belief system derived from the idea that we are all born submitted to the one true God. We are all born good and we are met with choices in life that cause us to choose between good and evil. These choices decide our destiny and fate in the day of judgment of paradise and damnation. The Middle Easterners thrived on this belief system because they understood that we have the power of choice and must use that choice wisely. They understood we are all submitted to the will of God, but we have the choice to submit willfully for forcefully. They became messengers of God Most High as the supreme God and were anointed with the skills and abilities of discipline and reverence, for they became the voices of peace through submission to God to the rest of the world.

Greek (Wiccans, Freemasons, Scientology) - This belief system came from the love of wisdom to search the truth through intelligence and scientific discovery through wisdom and knowledge. The Europeans thrived on this belief system, which is why they established the structure of God’s royal
priesthood and structured out the idea of faith into tangible experiences, which help them become the structure of God’s door into Light, and strong tower of stability for governmental structures. They were anointed with the skills and abilities of organization and diligent application for their diligence and planning skills became the highest and strongest, influencing the rest of the material world with their organization and application. They became the organizers in the material world for they organized and established laws and structures that place all things created into a system of order.


Hinduism (Vedic, Brahman, Vedanta) - This belief system came from the idea that truth is eternal and we must pursue the understanding and knowledge of truth. This belief system reveals the cycles of life and how all actions and decisions affects other factors, experiences, and consequences. The Indians thrived on this belief system, which is why they became God’s prized possessions, drawn out of the world, God’s guides and shepherds, and holy benefactors for they understood there are many gods that guide and lead us to salvation but only One God above all. They are anointed with the skills and abilities to intercede and influence as intercessors and influencers. Their intercession bridges the gaps between the material world and the emotional world. They intervene and influence the access that the rest of the world has on the glory and culture of humanity.

Buddhism (Mahayana, Theravada, and Vajrayana) - This belief system derived to help deliver and alleviate people from suffering and painful experiences through enlightenment and the right path. The Asians thrived in this belief system and became God’s beloved, God’s restorers (regenerators and revivers of Life), and God’s Embassy of Heaven. They were anointed with the skills and abilities of advancement and enhancement. They became the enhancers of the material world because they take whatever they receive and enhance it by finding ways to make it more advanced.

Romans (Catholicism, Christianity, Mormonism) - This belief system is derived from the savior, Jesus the Christ, who created a church government structured called an Ecclesia that showed the way to salvation and eternal life. This belief revealed the idea of a savior who atoned for sins to help the world receive grace and truth. The Romans thrived in this belief system, and they became the carriers of God’s grace and favor, the way to truth and life, and the representers of true brotherly love. They were Anointed with the skills and abilities to unify and work together. Their work ethic is the highest and their family bond is the strongest, influencing the rest of the material world with their work and family influence. They became the developers and operators of the material world, for their government structure designed, built, and maintained everything that is created for the rest of the world.

All of these religious beliefs have a piece of the truth but hold those submitted to it, yearning for the rest of it. The misrepresentation of these belief systems has caused a worldview toward them totally opposite of their original beliefs and ideals, which has caused much confusion, anger, and separation. God's idea of religion was fulfilled within His will, purpose, and Kingdom, referred to as the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God reveals to us the fullness of all of these ideas of the Ecclesia of Christ, that we are the Sons of God revealed in flesh, the Salvation Plan of God, the family tree that connects God’s Family as one through the Christ Messiah, the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and truth of God, and all of the
above. Those who understand the Kingdom of God will be the rulers, masters, and lords over this material world and will be anointed with the skills and abilities of all the other religious groups for they will be anointed to create (design), develop, organize, influence, enhance, and enforce the glory of the Most High over all creation. They will be the visible representatives of the Most High, working together 
under the Christ through the Holy Spirit, and united through God the Father’s Name, Word, Spirit, will, purpose, assignment, calling, and work.

These seven religious beliefs make up the rainbow of the colorful, visible family of God for God promised that He would not destroy the world with the flooding of His Word again because of the misrepresentation of these beliefs as we see today. Because of this promise, many in a state of rebellion to unify in darkness have created a philosophy of coexisting together in these misrepresented beliefs in order to agree to disagree but still work together in a common unity of humanity and not of God’s will. We are supposed to be united with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, united as one body and one Spirit, one Lord, one
faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. When we can see the value of our family, and the religion God has given us in the Kingdom of God, we can each take our responsibilities and anointing to come together as a royal family and influence this material world together and become true Light and come out of coexisting in unified darkness.


True religion is to religiously be the nature and character of God, walking in His godliness, revealing His virtues and fruits of the spirit, valuing His will, and moving towards His destiny through His legacy in truth and love. This is true religion. In true religion, we love the Most High’s name (which is His law) and His word (which is His promises) with all our strength in our actions, heart in our emotions, mind in our thoughts, and soul in our ways of living. We love our neighbor as ourselves and we do that by doing unto others as we would want them to do to us. We religiously guard our words from releasing the wrong manifestations of negativity, evil, curses, darkness, perversion, wickedness, poverty, failure, and death over ourselves and others and only allow positivity, good, blessings, light, holiness, purity, prosperity, success, and life from our mouths by speaking words of truth, love, and abundant life over all. We must religiously help raise people who have no awareness, covering, and representation of an example of who they are and who we are as God's offspring who fell for the misrepresentation of God and His Kingdom. Many want to stay under the influence of the misrepresentation of these belief systems and its rules and regulations because they do not want to be held accountable for their actions, desires, words, thoughts, decisions, ideas, and character. They want to blame an Almighty God who made rules and regulations to hinder
them or make them behave instead of the one true God who set up laws, systems, and structures to allow us to flourish and make decisions to reveal our true nature and character, giving us full dominion, authority, and power to choose and decide the destiny and fate He has for us or not.