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Dr. Jai Rhodman is a founder, CFO, and President of Success Epitomized, who manages the decisions and strategies of the organization's vision, purpose, and mission. She helps place the new strategies that are created into specific plans and places within the company. Jai is a public speaker, author, podcaster, choreographer and movement therapist, entrepreneur, and world traveler. Although Jai Rhodman wears many hats, her top favorites are being a Child of the Most High, Wife of Anthony, and Mom. Jai and her husband have founded and launched over seven businesses and ministries with visions and plans for many more. They, along with their team of leaders, are managing and expanding all across the World with their online Epitomize University of Spiritual Psychology and Success Services. With Jai having such high credentials in managing the operations of these organizations and still homeschooling her two children, she is passionate about teaching people how to be the best version of themselves and to embrace being uniquely them. With a Master's in Education and Early Learning Development, she is helping build curriculums for early learning for Be All Knowing Academy so children can have the full educational experience they deserve and need.

Jai has a unique flair and style to capture the true essence of the beauty of learning and developing that everyone enjoys. She has a keen sense to help people go through the process of forgiveness, healing, and developing to become all that they were created to be in life. She has a unique style to grab people’s attention so they can deal with their inner self and no longer hide from their feelings. She helps you break free from the person who you created to survive in this world and be free to be your true self. Her delicate approach helps her create a safe space for people to be honest and deal with deep root issues that many have failed to deal with their whole life. She makes each session and experience warm and embracing as she approaches each interaction as an opportunity to rewrite your past and become better. She helps you find creative ways to organize, structure, and manage your life while also enjoying the best experience of life possible.

Jai will help you create a strategic plan to forgive, heal, and become the Creator of Your Reality and the Master of Your Destiny. She will empower you to remove the victim mentality and embrace your power within you to destroy your negative perceptions on life. She will help you to blossom as your true self by remember who you are before the world told you who you were suppose to be. She will assist you in healing from the stigmas placed on people as their role in society from the misconceptions of their image and identity. Jai helps build up an uplifting mindset of your true capabilities and value. Jai gives detailed strategies on how to take your plan and implement it in your personal and professional. She will give you concepts to assist you in implementing new ideas into your daily schedule to reach your vision and goals. She will remind you to enjoy the process but push you to continue to reach for the overall vision and goals you set in place and be the perfect example of success. ​She brings refreshment to your soul to be delivered from your false linage and heritage that has caused you the pain of your limitations. She guides you to a rebirth of your heart and soul to guide you to your new plan and vision of unlocking your full potential.


"All parts of you have a voice. Let them speak." - Jai Rhodman

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Full episodes will be available soon!

“Heal Today With Jai,” is a talk show dedicated to mental wellness and therapy. The show is hosted by spiritual psychologist Dr. Jai Rhodman where she gathers with guests for a healing conversation that expresses how anyone can conquer any mental or physical condition using spiritual principles. 

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