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Media is the medium between the higher Heavens and the lower Heavens to communicate the intention, purpose and direction of religious living, financial structures, economic systems, business affairs, scientific innovation, healthy living, and governmental agendas of the higher Heavens on a mass scale. Media broadcasts and publishes their ideas, plans, and visions to the lower Heavens to guide and direct entertainment, what is created in art, how the family structure functions, and what is being taught in education. The Most High designed media to spread the good news of His Kingdom and the plans He has for all creation within His Kingdom so all will know His intentions, motives, purpose, and will. Media is the influencer over our thoughts, emotions, and actions that cause us to move in a specific direction in life. Because media has so much power, it must be used appropriately. Many ideas, emotions, fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties come from the misrepresentation of media agendas that are not designed to influence the masses to know their purpose or receive their inherited will. This has caused a malfunction in our culture and society.


Media is used to multiply any specific agenda on a mass scale and to redirect a society to a cultural belief and direction of influence that decides the vision of the nation and kingdom. When you fully understand this, you will guard your heart and minds in wisdom by not allowing anything that is not aligned to your work, calling, assignment, purpose, and inherited will to influence and direct your decisions, choices, desires, and actions. So much money and resources are put into media outlets because they are actually pushing agendas to make sure all of the money and resources  come back to them to regulate control and actions of the society. We are supposed to use media as an opportunity and platform to show the glory and culture of God to the masses by revealing the education of the Kingdom and the Laws of Life. This will equip every individual to reach their potential and success in life, the family structure that keeps a society’s foundation stable and strong, the possibilities of our gifts, talents, skills and abilities through creative arts and the events, performances, and activities to reveal our true capabilities through those who are functioning at a higher level than the rest of society at this current state and time.


Media should provide the opportunities to reveal these things and more because media is the “bridge.” Media provides the information to know where to find relief and help through our governmental structure, where to find opportunities for advancement in our Kingdom’s business affairs, and showcase the economic system so we all can keep a proper flow of sowing and reaping, cause and effect, choices and circumstances, decisions and outcomes, giving and receiving, and actions and results. Media also reveals the light barriers and investors who are designed to lift the masses to maturity and prosperity, liberty, justice, and success for all in our financial endeavors and structures, providing investment opportunities to expand the Kingdom of God to the entire world. It reveals and unlocks expectation, hope, belief, faith, trust, confidence, and reliance in the society to keep moving forward to the prize of the image and likeness of the Most High. Media has a great responsibility, and we must fully understand the power and influence that it has over us because many have fallen victim to the addiction of media through social media, internet, cable television, film, advertisements, newspapers, radio stations, and others. These media outlets are controlling every habit, idea, thought, desire, and action of many people without the conscious awareness of the influence it is having on their lives, causing an array of events in their lives that seem to be coincidental but are very planned and strategically designed. The Most High created this cultural mountain to influence the masses to receive the good news of the Kingdom of God and make disciples of the truth to influence all of society to get back into agreement with not only their source so they can learn how to be a source, but also with their king so they can learn how to rule and with the holy advocates so they can learn how to be holy, giving access to all truth.