As a hooper, Traevon Jackson always wanted to have a blueprint on what it took to become a pro just like they teach you how to become a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer. So many times in hoop what we are taught to "make it" is to simply work hard, know the right people and get on the right teams, and ball out at a good school to make it to the league and then everything is good from there. But if you ask any professional ball player, there's so much more to that process of becoming a pro, and then once you get there that's only the beginning.

This is how "In God's Image: How To Be a Pro" was born. Scott Suggs and Traevon Jackson set up the podcast to help those hoopers put a plan, a structure and an order to their dreams to make their dreams become a reality. They'll be giving you the gems from not only their experiences but from other NBA and overseas players, coaches and mentors who have made it to the highest levels of becoming a pro.

They have a mentorship program available for those who want to go beyond just the podcast and really learn how to implement the information into their life, where you can sign up to get more content and access to help you personally.

Join them every Sunday for the live recording on Youtube or Facebook or the replay of the live show on all major platforms for all those who want to tune in.



"Imagine what you could, can and will accomplish if fear was not an option"


Do you want professional basketball training on your mind and on your skills no matter where you're at in the world? Look no further, because the  "IGI: How To Be A Pro" mentorship program is for you! 

If you're in high school, college or are a pro, Traevon and Scott have a video library full of wealth that you can apply to your game anywhere and at anytime. You'll also get exclusive access to our "Give and Go" section where we breakdown God's will for you as a pro, His purpose for you as a pro, and the laws, principles and instructions behind what it will take for you to become In God's Image and reach your full potential as a pro. 

Sign up for our mentorship program to learn directly from Traevon and Scott and to be apart of a program that is constantly being updated modified so that no matter how much the game advances or changes, you'll have the foundational tools to help you know How To Be A Pro.



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