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Health is a mindset based on what your conscience believes is true or not. Health is determined by being free from the thoughts of perversion, wickedness, and impurity. Your well-being and health come from your mental state. Your beliefs and what your faith is in will determine your well-being. The health cultural mountain of influence determines the foods you eat, what you believe is healthy to eat or not, how you prepare your food, how you receive and bless your food, when you eat, and how you care for your life, mental health, and strength. This mountain of influence determines people’s faith in what heals them, regulates them, and restores them. This is very important to know because this cultural mountain has become big business. Mankind’s new-found beliefs in certain foods and drugs have cause many people to become dependent on them to create quick fixes which suppress the problems and never truly heal or restore the foundational issue. Many people are suffering from a lack of knowledge about what the Most High has given us for health and well-being and what each thing He has given us strengthens. Air strengthens your spirit, water strengthens your soul, seed-bearing plants strengthen your mind, seed-bearing fruits strengthen your heart, and grains and meats strengthen your physical body. These must be balanced and used at the right times and in the right ways accordingly to see the results that we were designed to have.


Unfortunately, the biggest issue with all of these resources of food is the overconsumption and gluttony of them as well as the mindset toward them. We have been taught that certain things are good, certain things are bad, and it creates a belief that if you eat them, it will make you sick or make you strong. Then we have been taught to use our beliefs as excuses to perform certain rituals and partake in certain festivities when it comes to food and preparation. The purpose for all things is built inside of us, and we all know the truth within. Everything has been given a purpose, and how we manage the purpose of all of these food resources will determine how our bodies respond to them, how our minds handle them, and how long our life will endure using them. God made everything good. It is mankind that has made things bad, evil, and unacceptable in His sight, abnormally abusing the normal and original use of His creation. We have been given the dominion to bless all things and receive them with thanksgiving in order to get all creature back into their original state, but this has to be done totally in faith and in proper position to manifest. Most people are not equipped to handle this responsibility. When it comes to health, food, and our lives, most things are done with selfish ambition and fleshly desires to satisfy cravings of pleasure instead of fulfilling a purpose and regulating and enhancing what God has given us. This cultural mountain of influence is very important because it will determine your life expectancy on Earth and your salvation. What your faith is in will determine and influence your health, and as you continue to grow in your true self, this influence will grow, change, and reveal to you so many secrets of life.