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Government is the establishment, regulation, and enforcement of the laws within a kingdom (nation) created based on its theologies, philosophies, ideologies, dogmas, doctrines for those who are lawless and incoherent to them. Government assists, cooperates (collaborates), and serves those who are in agreement with the theologies, philosophies, ideologies, dogmas, and doctrines of their kingdom (nation). Government is the system by which the community, nation, and kingdom is governed by, directing the actions and manners of how the people perceive, judge, and receive provision, pride, and glory. Government was designed by the Most High to regulate the laws, systems, and structures in proper order to provide justice, liberty, and freedom that is beneficial for all within the Kingdom. Government influences how we perceive and judge justice. The governmental system you are being influenced by will determine what you perceive and judge as fair and reasonable and what is right or wrong. This cultural mountain will influence what is positive or negative, what is good or evil, what is a blessing or a curse, what is light or darkness, what is perverse and wicked or holy and pure, what is prosperity and success or poverty and failure, and what is life or death.


Your idea of government decides your emotional behavior towards life. This cultural mountain of influence determines the laws we uphold and abide by in every other influence in life. Many nations have taken a piece of the governmental structure of the Kingdom of God but none have established the entire picture, resulting in the malfunction of the influence of this cultural mountain. We must understand that this physical material realm has no classes such as middle class, poor, or high class. We all have the same lot: our bodies. All property, land, and resources on Earth are owned by the Most High and are publicly shared and used together. Each person on Earth works and is paid according to their abilities, work, management, calling, assignment, and purpose that they implement. Because everyone does not understand this, many fight and claw their entire life, attempting to own these possessions, only to have to forfeit them anyway at the end of their lives and existence on the earth.


The Most High’s intention was for all property and resources on the earth to be co-owned with Him by His offspring with classless societies where everyone would have food, shelter, and clothing. It would be a true utopian type of society, devoid of sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression. His idea was that everyone on Earth would receive equal shares of the benefits through their seeds of gifts that are received and derived from their own work. His idea of government was designed to allow the poor in resources, poor in nature, and poor in character from their lineage to always have an opportunity to rise up and obtain spiritual, financial, authority, and social status on the earth, no matter your starting point. His idea was no one on Earth could own his or her own businesses, produce, or goods without the Most High because He owns everything, and it should all stay within His Kingdom, working together for the benefit of all.


When we unlock the doors, windows, and gates of the Kingdom and other realms, we must understand that as we get into positions of authority and power on the earth, we are obligated to serve those who we govern to the benefit of all in righteousness and justice. We must understand that we make and approve the laws that will manifest and regulate on the earth through our authority from our minds, which is why we are not seeing the fulfillment of His governmental structure on this earth and all are not connecting to reach each other’s full potential. When we understand that we all have equal say in this government and we decide who represents us and speaks on our behalf through their faithfulness and results of their gifts for all to reach maturity, we can work together to fulfill our purpose. And we have to understand that all of God’s laws and rules apply to all equally for He shows no partiality. The Most High is the main individual ruling the Kingdom and has others working for Him in authoritative governing positions, helping make decisions. He also has enforcers to implement them throughout all of the realms and heavens. However, we rule with Him on Earth through our inheritance and birthright, which is why this mountain is so influential in our lives. If we do not understand what we have and what we are responsible for, we will fall victim to reacting and responding to decisions of justice instead of creating and establishing the right decisions of justice for the fair and reasonable will of God that benefits all on Earth. Because we do not know the laws, structures, and systems of God, we are influenced by ideas that are not beneficial and fair to all, and we do not have the right tools to determine what is reasonable, fair, and just. People’s ignorance to God’s laws, systems, and structures has created an imbalanced influence of focusing only on the physical realm and not understanding the viewpoint of God’s standard throughout His entire Kingdom. This understanding helps us know that there is a governing authority regulating all that is going on in every realm, and justice will prevail. More importantly, we have the power to unlock what comes into this realm or lock up the influence of the higher realms penetrating its influence on Earth.