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Finance is the management of large amounts of wealth that provides monetary support for particular enterprises to decide the affairs of resources within a kingdom, affecting the entire domain as well as each individual personally. Finance was created by the Most High to allow the uplifting of the soul for the poor and the development of the soul for the rich and wealthy to create prosperity and success for all. Finance is supposed to manage the affairs of opportunities for advancement, growth, development, and expansion. Finance was designed to influence the action of investing to help those bound by the debt and lack from their transgressions, sins, wickedness, perversion, and iniquity to rise up to maturity in the anointing of wisdom (Christ consciousness) and those with riches and wealth to pay off past transgressions, sins, wickedness, perversion, and iniquity to be the representatives of God to the rest of humanity who are seeking prosperity and success.


Finance in the Kingdom of God consists of the management of the wealth of the resources and monetary results of actions, the blessings of what we receive by what was given, the revealed outcomes of decisions, the successful and prosperous effects of our causes, and the successful reaping of the seeds of gifts that were sown into our lives. Those walking in the wealth, prosperity, and success of their affairs in any area or arena are responsible for the uplifting of everyone within the Kingdom who are striving to reach their successful destinations (destiny). The understanding of the financial market and how it is systematically designed influences who we work for, what effort we act upon, and the actions we will take. This mountain influences who we give to and why and who we decide to agree with, exchange with, and work with. It also decides whose cause we will accept and implement and who we sow into. Who you give to will determine your return. This is based on what kingdom they are a part of, what position they are in, and at what realm they are functioning. This understanding will affect and influence all of your choices. It is the reason why people subconsciously give freely to wealthy people even though they do not need it, or withhold from poor people when they do need it. It is the reason why people will invest in major corporations but are hesitant to invest in new startups because we inherently know there is something working in this cultural mountain of influence. But not everyone is sure how it works, causing this mountain to influence people to become greedy, hoarders, or respecter of persons who show partiality.


When we understand this mountain of influence, we will understand that management and investment of our actions, desires, words, thoughts, ideas, and visions are very important because we should never invest under compulsion but always cheerfully. This management will help us invest into every good cause and good work for the expansion of God’s Kingdom and will. Also, it will help us invest, knowing that by law, a return is guaranteed and seeing everyone as valuable. When you invest in someone without, it is insurance for you to never go without. When you invest in someone with greater, it gives you access to greater returns and many other factors that will influence you to invest differently than this world system. When we understand that the Most High will always supply more to you than what you invested, it will change the influence of lack and failure and help you understand that what you invest sparingly, you will receive sparingly, but what you invest in abundance, you will receive in abundance for the measure you sow and give will determine your harvest and what you receive.