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Family is a group united by significant shared characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values. A family shares a common bond of loyalty and intimacy toward the will of their forefathers and ancestors. Education and family are the strongest bonds of influence because they are the foundation of all belief systems and values that affect the rest of the many factors that influence our lives. Your family’s characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values will determine the world and environment you create. It will also determine your image and identity. The identity of many people is faulty because of the image they were taught from the lineage of their family. Your family is the backbone of what you stand on in every situation and circumstance that is presented to you, and it will determine the direction you move towards in life. The hardest bond to break is the bond of a family. The family you are a part of determines what bond you have and how strong the bond is, which holds the family together. If your Father or Source is a physical being, then you have a physical bond. If your Father or Source is an emotional being, then your family will be functioning on an emotional bond. This is the same for the mental, soul, and spirit.


The will of the founding Source or Father of the family will determine the bond that the family has. All of the offspring will be bonded by the will of the originator. The influence of the family is so strong because everyone is bonded by their father’s will. When you can fully understand that the Most High God, the Supreme Master Creator, is the Source and Father of all, then we can know that family lineage is a spiritual identity with a promised will to be the full manifestation of the Most High’s image and likeness. We are offspring and children of the Most High, His chosen people, a royal priesthood, His treasured possessions, a holy nation, a Kingdom of Priests, Rulers, Kings, Lords, and Gods. This is the will of the Most High for you and the bond of our family.


When you know this foundational truth and understand that we all come from the Source, bonded by His will of promises and destiny, it will influence your life in an entirely different and powerful way. When this influence is understood and we know that the Father’s desire for all of His children is (to come back into the glory and eternal righteous positions He has set up for us within His Kingdom influence) ,we all will see the rich value everyone brings to the forefront. It does not matter what ethic group you are a part of or the land you dwell in within this material world. We have a family assignment to establish the family’s will upon this earth to resemble the family’s headquarters with the light of the Kingdom of God. We must understand the family structure and order of family unity so we can properly use the value of each member correctly. We must first understand that the God Most High is the Father of us all. Even if we give up our birthrights, reject Him as Father, or deny His existence of being, He is still the Father, Creator, and Source of all creation. There is no other Father who should give us our characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values.


We also must understand that we are offspring of the Most High God, made in His image and likeness. When we truly understand that the Most High is where all things come from and from where all things exist, then we can approach Him as Father. And when we understand He is our Father, He sends the Spirit of the Son so we can call out to Him as Father, find Him, and be one with Him. Once you seek after Him and find Him and know the truth that you are a Son of the Most High, then you will know that He is a rewarder of those who believe He exists and who seek after Him with all of their heart. This is when you will know that you aren’t just a Son or Heir to the promises of God.


Once you grasp this concept, you will truly understand who your immediate family is: those who do the will of God the Father. The will of God the Father comes from Spirit and Truth, born not of blood, or the will of the flesh, or the will of man, but of God. Men find and receive their wives according to the will of God, who He sends to be their helpmate, and women go to the husband of God's will, who He sends to be their soulmate. Our family should be decided from God’s will, not our own will. This misunderstanding has caused a lot of confusion within the concept of family. Our true mother, brother, and sister are those who do the will of our Father God Most High. Next, our children should be dedicated to God and raised in His ways with an understanding that they belong to Him, not us. We must understand that children are for God’s will, not our own. This makes up our immediate family; it is not always flesh and blood. Then we must understand that the next order of family that creates our extended family includes those who have the same belief system. This makes up our extended family. Our grandparents (godparents), aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. are those who believe the same things we believe. Our extended family should have the same theologies, philosophies, ideologies, dogmas, and doctrines. We should all be functioning according to the same systems, structures, and order in life. This is what makes up our extended family beliefs. Then we have a cultural family who we connect with through our ethnicity. Our cultural family holds the same ethics, customs, patterns, behaviors, and lifestyles. And lastly, we must understand that we are all family by flesh and blood for we are all connected as one race (the human race). We are all humanity, which makes us mankind. Once we understand the connection that we all have as family and know the order and power structure of family, then we can act accordingly and work together properly.