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Entertainment is a platform such as an event, performance, or activity that is used to reveal our gifts into expression through creative arts to the world and all humanity. Entertainment gives us a stage and opportunity to be the center of attention to broadcast unknown and secret information about our capabilities and to change the perspective and judgments of others about what is possible. Entertainment is designed to exhibit and display the purpose of our gifts, expand the idea of our potential through our talents, reveal the glory of our culture through our skills, and to use  creative arts as a representation of our abilities and image.


Entertainment allows us to use music to provide frequencies and vibrations to align ourselves with the unlimited Spirit realm. Entertainment allows us to use sports to reveal our miraculous powers and shift our perspectives and perceptions of our potential. We use literature to educate and expand our minds to reach a supernatural consciousness, imagination, and conscience, built on responsibility, commitments, and a purposeful way of living. Creative writing is used to create imagery to explain our image and likeness and spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. We can use poetry to align our rhythmic patterns of our soul to contain the revelation light of God easier and quicker to create mastery. Painting and drawing are used to give visuals of the beauty of our culture and glory of our Kingdom and nature. Dance allows us to conjure in and produce spiritual power to be released through our physical material bodies. Fashion is designed to enhance our glory and image and to represent our nature of royalty, uplifting our bodies to connect and link with the nature and environment around us. Architecture gives us the opportunity to imitate and manifest the glory, influence, and intent of the Kingdom of God and create dwelling places that align with the open portals of the heavens to arrange an open flow between kingdoms. Performing motivates and unlocks emotions that will change thought patterns and mentalities that are coherent to your true nature. Industrial design creates branding to represent the morals, values, and beliefs of our Kingdom. Photography captures images to create memories of past experiences that reminds us of our purpose and what is important in life. Film, radio, and video are designed to multiply the message of the good news of the Kingdom, sharing the message that we are creators, masters, and rulers sent to influence this material world with our dominion, authority, and power to expand the Kingdom of God as representatives of the Most High’s image and likeness.


The platforms that entertainment provides give opportunities to influence the culture with our visions, ideas, thoughts, passions, and actions. Those who receive what you express on these platforms have established an invisible bond and connection with you to expand and multiply your vision, idea, thought, passion, and action. This is why this cultural mountain is so important and revered. Many people have been influenced in a certain direction, path, or way toward their destiny through the expression of someone placed on a platform to reveal to them new possibilities. God created this cultural mountain to exalt us so we are in position to continually multiply and expand His culture and glory from generation to generation.