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Education is the process of learning or acquiring your image and identity, lineage and heritage, purpose, assignment, calling, potential and ability, and direction and destiny. This is done through receiving knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the laws, principles, and instructions of Life, while also being aware and implementing the responsibilities and commitments of Life that will determine your way of living through the training of skills, values, beliefs, and habits to bring out the maximum potential of the way one makes judgments and decisions, how one thinks, feels, acts, perceives, and interprets. Many people have been taught that education is the obtainment of knowledge, but knowledge is only the part that tells you what to do. There is power in knowledge, but having knowledge, which is power, without having wisdom, which is knowing how to implement the power, is meaningless. Many people have been sent on a journey through formal, worldly education and are literally chasing after the wind. And to know how to do something without knowing the purpose through understanding will cause confusion, corruption of knowledge and wisdom, and malfunction.


Not knowing the responsibilities and commitments behind the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding will cause deception and unfulfilled purpose. Education must be cherished, nourished, and presented wisely but gently. The influence of education, along with the influence of family and creative artistic expression, is the foundation of all existence and is what life is built upon. All education must lead you to your work, calling, assignment, and purpose in life, which must be given with the goal of revealing the image and likeness of God in you. Without these factors, all education you receive is meaningless.


We obtain knowledge in many different ways, including experience, training, learning, observing, seeking, dreaming, and many other ways, revealing to us how to do a particular thing. But through wisdom, we receive enhanced and tested knowledge as we receive and walk out the experience, training, learning, observing, seeking, dreaming, and other ways from people and spirits who have accomplished what we are desiring to do. Then we know how they got the result we are looking for. Their wisdom shows us the refined way to apply the information we learned in knowledge. The most powerful part of education is understanding why you do something, which gives the knowledge and wisdom an intent, meaning, and purpose. This results in satisfaction and fulfillment. Without education, life would be a world full of mistakes, unpredictable circumstances, unforeseen situations, and drastic negative consequences that would never be solved and conquered. We all must take the journey to receive education with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding built on responsibilities and commitments to help us reach a way of living toward God’s will for us, in order to discover our image and identity, lineage and heritage, calling and vocations, assignment and agreements, value and purpose, potential and ability, and direction and destiny.


Education determines what you learn, which will decide what you will implement in your life. Education teaches and equips you to function within a system. You must be educated in whichever system you choose and know how to thrive or survive in. Many people have been trained and educated to function in the world system that was created by the sons of rebellion, causing many people to malfunction and quench their potential because the rely on survival tactics instead of expressing and becoming their full potential. Even though education should equip you to function within a system, the right system makes education an enlightened experience that is beneficial and enhances the recipient and the giver.


Education should have a foundation of knowledge and information that functions in any system and should be strategically designed to be built upon into specified areas according to the interest and capabilities of the learner. The foundational education that everyone should learn first includes the systems and structures of Life and the laws, light, agreements, order, and will of Life before anything else, which comes from the Kingdom of God. If you do not know the systems and laws of Life, you will always malfunction and be placed in unsuccessful circumstances that will cause loss of hope toward a promising future. The foundational skills everyone needs to know are how to interpret language through speech (the words that people are actually saying), through reading the words that are written down on any source of communication, and culturally, what the words mean in context to the environment that you are in. The next foundational skills every person needs to know include learning how to speak those words in that culture, how to write those words in context, and how to communicate those words to be translatable in the culture that you are dwelling in. Then the last foundational skills include discerning what words are right and wrong in specific scenarios with another party and how they function properly within the connection between both parties that are trying to communicate their ideas and thoughts. If this is not the foundation of your learning, you are placed at an extreme disadvantage from the beginning.


After you can interpret language, communicate language, and discern language, all education is a disservice if the learner is not immediately given the laws of Life and the system that translates to function throughout our entire life journey on Earth. Many people spend a minimum of 14 - 20 years being educated in a system of learning to be completely unprepared for life and all that life brings. It is a complete injustice because your education completely influences what you will implement in your life. Since the education of so many people influenced them to be limited, lacking, and failing,  they are implementing limiting, lacking, and failing results in their lives, causing their lives and the lives of others on the earth to not reach their destiny. This is a disservice to themselves and the lives of the next generation who are deserving and needing the gifts and ideas that were placed within each and every one of us to serve the world and humanity. Education is the most important foundational influence that every person needs because every other influence becomes an influence over your life once you are educated.