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Economics is the knowledge of how to govern and implement the production, consumption, and transfer of the wealth of resourceful goods, services, actions, passions, thoughts, ideas, visions, and dreams to create prosperity and liberty for all. Economics use the laws, principles, and instructions of God to balance the flow of cycles through His systematic and divine responsibilities of operation and organization to use the Kingdom’s habitual ways of living, positions, anointing, incomes, wealth, commodities, and resources in a specific process of production that creates results. It then multiplies those results, replenishes them, fills the entire Kingdom with them, and subdues the results so all within the Kingdom can dwell in prosperity, liberty, freedom, and success. Economics was designed by the Most High to use trade and commerce in a systematic flow spiritually (whatever you sow, you will reap), soulfully (for every cause, there is an effect), mentally (every choice creates a circumstance, and every decision has an outcome), emotionally (whatever you give, you will receive), and physically (whatever action you take creates a result). This economic system must be understood completely as you are going on your journey in life for it will decide how you create and respond to the cycles of life. Your understanding of God’s economy will determine if you live on an upward cycle of positivity, good, blessings, light, holiness, purity, prosperity, success, and life towards God’s will or a downward cycle of negativity, evil, curses, darkness, perversion, wickedness, poverty, failures, and death towards the will of rebellion.


This cultural mountain is one of the biggest influencers in your life because the influences of many people come from the things they reaped from God, the effects they have from their past, the circumstances and outcomes of their choices and decisions, what they have received, and the results they continually are getting. But many do not know where these are stemming from, making these factors of influence inconsistent and frustrating. Your knowledge of God’s economy influences everything you do in life and how you will go about doing it because it will determine every result, what you have, and every outcome. We must understand that all resources and all wealth is supposed to be commonwealth for all, meaning all have access to it, all determine the wealth, and the wealth should be common to all. Our understanding of how the economy of God works in each realm will influence everything we do. This is why this cultural mountain of influence is so important to gain knowledge in. If you do not understand the economic structure of life, you will believe that failure and poverty are by-products of circumstances that you cannot control or influence yourself. You must understand that your actions determine your results, and they are cycled on six-month returns, from acted upon to the manifested result in this physical and material world. What you do in the dark will determine the results in the light, and how you handle the light will determine the results you can stand on in the darkness. If that is not grasped or received, then you will find a lot of different influences convincing you to do many actions, causing you to grow weary and faint trying to accomplish things, not knowing when the results will occur. This can lead to confusion, anxiety, and the failing and quitting most efforts and actions.


Again, we must know that whatever we desire to give, we will be worthy to receive from season to season, what we decide from our thoughts will determine the outcome from month to month, our choices from our agreements each month will determine our circumstances, our purpose (or cause) of our ideas will determine the effects on our lives every week, and the image (identity) and vision of ourselves that we sow (plant) each day will determine what nature (character) and destiny we can reap (harvest) each day. This understanding of how the economic system of life influences every part of our being will help you reach the desired successful outcome and purpose set upon your life by the Most High.