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Arts are the expression of the gifts of our spirit, which are words of wisdom, words of knowledge, faith, gifts of healing, working of miracles (miraculous powers), prophecy, discerning of spirits, different kinds and variety of tongues, and interpretation of tongues. These gifts are revealed and released through our talents, skills, and abilities in a form of glory, worship, and praise. Talents are the level and measure at which you release and reveal your gift. The level and measure you release and reveal your gifts is determined by your level of responsibility and commitment tied with your understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and faith of what is possible and right through the laws, principles, and instructions of life. This determines our talent level that gives us the capacity to perform our gifts effortlessly. Skills are when you consciously direct your gifts at the level of talent you can release toward a specific trade, field, vocation, passion, assignment, or purpose until it becomes your expertise or you become a master over it. This means the trade, field, vocation, passion, assignment, or purpose that you directed your gifts toward have become a part of your habits, which formed your personality within it, creating a memory that forms into your nature in which you reach mastery over it, and it becomes a way of life. This is why people associate themselves with these trades, fields, vocation, passion, assignments, and purpose by calling themselves a doctor, lawyer, athlete, musician, or artist, for example. When you reach a level of mastery in your creative expression, it becomes a part of you. This determines what you are capable of doing, which we call our abilities.


Creative arts are the use of your gifts, revealing your passion through your senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch to manifest the results of your visions, ideas, thoughts, words, emotions, and actions to express the God in you or the creator part within everyone. It is the training of using your sensory organs such as your eyes to detect color and light, your ears to detect sound, your nose to detect sense, your tongue to detect tastes, and your skin to detect your environment and the presence around you. Within these dominate senses of expression, we have so many more senses. Creative arts equip us to form the release of those senses in proper illumination, structure, and direction. If you release your gifts through your senses without the proper illumination of truth, the proper structure of love, and the right direction toward life, you will never experience the full essence of your creativity.


God gave us rules of life, family testimonial stories, and traditional appointed festivals and feasts to train us to express ourselves properly. He also gave us the order of creativity, the direction in which our expression should go, and what our expression should go toward. Everyone must praise something, and everyone needs praise, but if this is not done properly, it can lead to much deception and issues in life. Creative arts give us the opportunity to express the unseen spiritual realm into manifestation in this physical material realm. Our expressions influence our behaviors and the behaviors of others. If you do not know the true nature of your image and character and the intent of your existence, then your expression will be perverse and create malfunctioning manifestations that will reveal your lack of purpose, righteousness, and holiness. This cultural mountain of influence is very important because the expressions we allow to penetrate our creativity will affect our image and likeness by either enhancing or disrupting our potential. The Most High gave us ideas within creative arts, such as music, sports, literature, creative writing, poetry, painting, drawing, dance, fashion, architecture, performing, industrial design, photography, film, radio, video, and many others, to reveal and release our potential and our identity. We must be very conscious about how we use and approach this cultural mountain of influence . It was designed to manifest the glory of the Kingdom of God in this material world, showing how the family of the Most High expresses themselves. He gave us the greatest examples throughout creation and its the glory and beauty (colors of our atmosphere, the sun, moon, stars, clouds, mountains, trees, plants, waters, and many other phenomena) to give us concepts of how to express the God in us with purpose, intent, glory, and beauty. Everything that God made is beautiful and was intended for a purpose and for use to expand His Kingdom and reveal His glory. We should use creative arts to express the nature and behavior of the Most High, revealing our unlimited capabilities through our achievements to influence all creation and each other to keep growing and expanding into eternal perfection which is the Most High’s Glory. His glory should always be revealed into manifestations that are good and beneficial for everyone, be pleasing and acceptable to God’s moral standards, perceptions, and judgments, and be the perfect representation of His unfailing truth, love, and abundant life.