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Businesses are the structures that create opportunities to allow the action of buying and selling resourceful goods and services by using the process of exchange to enhance skills and abilities in training all parties involved to enhance their image and identity. The business cultural mountain of influence determines the occupations on Earth that will decide how people obtain and distribute the wealth in the economic system of exchange. This mountain of influence determines which calling vocations will regulate wealth through the earth to connect and supply the benefit, demands,
and requirements of all people in the world in each particular generation. Business determines what our faith and knowledge are in, where our faith and knowledge are directed, and who our faith and knowledge is in. Business will influence who you will come into agreement with and who you will exchange with. This is very important because your idea of business will determine if you will store your riches and wealth on the faith and knowledge of material possessions or store your riches and wealth on the faith and knowledge of mental and soulful agreements with the Father (logical mind [consciousness]) , Son (imagination), and Holy Spirit (conscience). Where you put your treasures, your heart and your creative mind will be also, creating the desires and passions of what you will exchange and agree upon.


Since many do not know the plans and opportunities the Most High has in His business affairs, many have the wrong business practices influencing their thoughts and decisions. We have been taught and influenced that business is cutthroat, and the whole objective of business is the almighty dollar or whatever physical currency system you uphold or submit to. But this is not the intent of the Kingdom of God and the idea the Most High has in His business affairs. His idea of business was for us to have opportunities to release His image (gifts of Spirit) He placed inside of us and fulfill our purpose for all to become His likeness (fruit of Spirit). His business structure and laws are totally against the cutthroat focus on material possessions and the wealth agenda we have been influenced by. Any successful business person, no matter what field they are in, must follow this agenda and structure of His system.


We must know that in business, you have to create tangible results of your gifts in every field. Then you must multiply those results for people and through people. Next, we must replenish those results and fill the whole world with them to be successful. And lastly, we must place all of the results under our control and influence to sustain them and continue the cycle of upward development and longevity. Everyone has to abide by these rules of business, and when we can understand that, we will not tear down the next man to lift ourselves up. We need each other. Otherwise, the affairs will crumble anyway. We must understand that every business needs you to create and sustain their growth. The purchaser has just as much power as the supplier and has as much influence on the success. We need each other. That should influence your business affairs and practices differently because your purpose in life cannot be fulfilled until His is understood, received, and implemented personally. We must also understand that we are not only exchanging the goods and services on Earth. We are buying and selling time, desires, thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams, and many other goods and services throughout the entire Kingdom of God from every realm, Heaven, and person, whether dead, alive, angelic, glorified, exalted, or finished. We are exchanging with more than what the natural eye can see, and we must understand that so we can use this mountain of influence properly.