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The Story - The Birth of In God's Image


Anthony Rhodman

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the owner, founder, and creator of In God's Image, a company built to train and prepare people for their work, calling, assignment, and purpose in life so they can experience God's Will. The company and church both focus on changing the worldly habits, philosophies, and mindsets of society that have convinced them to feel inferior to what God created them to be which are Gods, Lords, Sources, Kings, Priests, and the Image of God.


Anthony Rhodman is the trusted servant who was chosen to conduct and manage the purpose and plans the Lord has for In God's Image and His Ecclesiateaching them how to excel through life using the principles of God. Anthony finished his education cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Urbana University, where he was an assistant coach of the men's basketball team. Anthony has had a long process during his journey up to this point in his life. He was a college basketball player in pursuit of the NBA, focusing entirely on his goals. The Lord blessed him with a scholarship to the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and the skills and aspirations to go all the way to His vision. He was fortunate to participate in Procamps, a popular sports and event management company where youth can participate in sports camps and learn from professional athletes.


Anthony came very close to fulfilling his dream, but things took a wrong turn, and God needed his attention. He began to believe these things were taking place on his own will, and we all know that this is not accurate. Anthony took God completely out of the picture. Going into his junior season, he broke his ankle, and his life changed immediately. It was the worst time of his life, and his dreams quickly began to fade away. But there was a purpose behind this incident. It took him a long time to come to this conclusion, but he realized God needed his attention. Anthony was going into high levels of fame and fortune, and God was not the center of his life, a dangerous combination.


"God loved me so much, He preferred I not reach my goals to save my life, so I would live totally by His name and not my own. God took the negative situation and turned it into a positive. He gave me the vision to use the situations I went through on my journey to inspire, teach, and direct others on their journey by using His principles of His Kingdom. While I was still in college, God gave me the vision to start this company and church. He directed me to the resources and guided me on how He wanted the company to be laid out. I didn't hesitate; I started the process immediately. He wanted the company to be set on His standards and principles of success to show people God's ways are prosperous and different from the way we have been taught. The Holy Spirit has guided me with the divine knowledge, wisdom, understanding, information, and encouragement to help people reach their goals, especially in their passions. He has equipped me to help change the mindsets, to use these passions to expand His Kingdom on Earth. The Lord guided me and showed me the specific instructions He has given us on how we are supposed to take care of our bodies, hearts, minds, souls, and spirits. He showed me that He has put certain plans in place to enhance and release the seed of Himself in each and every one of us. I was very intrigued and excited that the Lord showed me so much and did so much for us. I then became curious about why so many people were not living in the image and likeness of God. I realized our society is not built on knowing how to live and function within His Kingdom, and our plan is to help this generation get back in order with the original plan of God. He wants everyone to be healthy, prosperous, and successful under His will, so I promised to help and teach people to stop living in the society of the world and get back into the perfect society and will of God. I am confident that once people have a chance to hear the Good News of the Kingdom of God, they will change their lives forever and live again."